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Sunday, June 20, 2010

feeder fun

I was fortunate in capturing this chipmunk on top the feeder
since they are so quick.  I've counted up to 5 of them at one
time in the feeding area.  On this particular day they were running
up and down the tree waiting for the feeder to open up for them.
I always find it interesting to watch how creative
squirrels are when they are invading the feeders
He looks a bit uncomfortable all crouched down in front.
Not sure why but I love catching them with only
their heads and tails showing like the one below.
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Carver said...

Those are great and I love the way you caught the chipmunk and squirrel both on the same feeder in the first shot.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

they look great, are those squirrel are your pets?

Radka said...

Good day. You have a nice blog. Your photo is really like. I'm just an amateur photographer. Have a nice day Radka.

EG Wow said...

What a neat shot of both the chipmunk and squirrel at the feeder at the same time. I'm surprised they tolerate each other.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love the first shot of the chipmunk and squirrel on the feeder, that is something rarely seen.

It is fun to watch squirrels as they maneuver their way into feeders, great shots.

Denise said...

Oh so cute, what a great shot of the chipmunk and the squirrel. Enjoyed all these photos, thanks Squirrel :)

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